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The week in review: 1/9-1/16

So... it was an eventful week. On Thursday I finally was able to go and visit The Cottages at Hickory Crossing. This is located at CitySquare off S. Malcolm X Blvd. . It is a group of about 50 single unit dwellings that provide sustainable housing for the homeless. A radical concept no doubt. This solution is presented and explained in The Eviction but I wasn't able to find out if they were open until now. Now they are complete. They have about eighteen units filled and are processing about four units a week. The piece I made details the relationship between The Cottages and CitySquare.

This week I will be busy getting my new semester of teaching started. I will be teaching 3 classes with Collin and possibly three with Dallas. I know I have two classes to teach at North Lake, but the third has very low numbers and might not make. So why is this important? Well I hope to be able to take my laptop to edit between schoolwork and grading.

As for the festivals, well... apparently many of them are on break as well. Again, I am supposed to be hearing back from some festivals so I will be sure to let you know.

This weekend I will be going up to Denton. I think that I have an appointment to donate Blood with the Red Cross, on Saturday and on that same day they are having a United Women's event on the square. I think I might be fun to cover that and make a little mini doc.

So that is about all of the news that's fit to print for now. Enjoy and if you have any comments you can email me at

#DallasTentCity #CitySquare #TheEviction #andydocs

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