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The Eviction: The festival cut

Director:  Andy Galloway

Genre:  Documentary

"Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breath free." Simple lines of a simple truth. But how do some react when those huddled masses threaten property values. "The Eviction" documents how Dallas dealt with a curious question: How does one evict the homeless?

Running Time:  25:29                                                              Press Kit:


Wally: The festival cut

Director: Andy Galloway

Genre:  Documentry


Wally Linebarger:  a man cught in the turbulence of truth.  Plagued by a past that longs to define him and a future that remains unsure, Wally presses forward.  Despite a life of gain and loss, three lights continue to guide him.


In this twenty-five minute documentary, the viewer is guided from present to past and a setting that spans from Dallas, Texas to Jefferson City Missouri.  



Video on Demand:                                                               Press Kit:

Running Time:

Gonzales: Come and Take It!

Director:  Andy Galloway

Genre:  Documentary

This is the story of the battle that started the Texas revolution. Specialists place Texas within her unique historical context while reenactors breath life into historical characters ranging from Green De Witt, Martin De Leon, Almeron Dickinson to Juan Seguin. This film strives to entertain as well as educate.

Video on demand:

Vimeo trailer:


Running Time:  25:29                                                              Press Kit:


Be the Change

Directors:  Andy Galloway

Genre:  Documentary



To celebrate a passage to manhood, Sam Blumberg took the opportunity to wield weapons of art in a fight for peace.






Running Time:  4:30





March Art Walk

Directors:   Andy Galloway


Genre:  Documentary 


It's time for the March Art Walk for the Galleries at Midtown


March Art Walk:





Round Pegs Square Hole

Directors:  Andy Galloway

Genre:  Documentary


This film follows a day in the life of three businesses located just off the 'Main Street' of the square in Denton,Texas. In the struggle for survival by these unique businesses, do the risks outweigh the rewards?


Denton Square Doughnuts:


Creative Art Studio:



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