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Where's "Wally?"

So it was. I was told that Wally was going to be part of the LGBT Toronto Film Festival. It was supposed to happen on June 26. So I opened my e-mail trying to find out how it had done. No clues. Curious, I went in search of where "Wally" might be. Silly little me, I didn't realize that Wally had gotten such an honor.

See "Wally" is part of the LGBT Toronto Festival that runs from June 26th-30th. It marks the end of "Pride Toronto " a twenty-five day long celebration and awareness of Toronto's LGBT community. I could say the fact that being a straight American led to me not knowing of the festival. Well, that may not be the case. For just as cities in the United States celebrate "Pride week" at different times, the same is true for Canada. For example in Dallas, "Pride" week is near the end of August and September, in Albuquerque it is only two days in June, and in Miami they have two celebrations; one in April and the other in October. While most cities might have a week long "Pride" celebration Toronto's twenty-five day long celebration makes it little surprise that the Huffington Post named Toronto third out of cities most friendly to LGBT.

So needless to say... this only deepens the honor of having "Wally" participate in this event. Of the Festival itself, the organizing charity: Inside Out claimed the festival "draws crowds of close to 35,000 to screenings, artist talks, panel discussions, installations and parties that highlight more than 200 films and videos from Canada and around the world." It is the largest event of its kind in Canada. So needless to say... what an incredible honor that my film was accepted. What an honor that Wally Linebarger and his family trusted me enough to share their stories, joys, and pain.

I have no idea when it will be played. In San Antonio, it played on opening night, while out at Fort Worth it was the last film in the last block of shorts. Like I said, it is a powerful film that kind of defies definition. am excited to hear how the film was accepted. I am overjoyed that I my documentary has a story that fluently speaks and touches so many lives.

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