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Week in Review: So what has happened to 11/20

Austin Indie Fest 11 11 17

So there I was. It was the eleventh of November. I was in Austin. My documentary The Eviction was in the running at a brand new film festival: The Austin Indie Fest. I was excited and felt confident.

Documentary-Bronze Award

The day before, as I was in the rush. Teaching all day, then a drive all night. Some notifications did brighten my sails. They were from the NYC Film Awards and The LA Shorts awards. The Eviction was a winner in both. At the NYC Indie Film Awards in the Documentary Section, it won a Bronze Award ( ). An even higher honor was won at the LA Shorts Festival. The Eviction was given the highest honor in

Documentary Diamond Award

Documentary Shorts... The Diamond Award ( ). As these were high honors I fest pretty confident.

It took forever to get out of Dallas. Little less was expected. By the time I hit Waco I was hungry. I almost pulled off for a Burger King, but then I remember. Exit 333. What is so important about that exit? Well that is where a 'little guy' resturant that serves really good tasting food is... Health Camp

Health Camp

The service is warm and friendly. So much so, that if you close your eyes and forget everything you know about comfort food... you might actually believe that the food is good for you. (The excellent taste alone atones for any diet sin that may have occurred).

After a nights stay in Austin, I went to the festival the next day. There were many films and representatives from the Austin movie scene (before you get too excited... these were production houses and the like where one rents the materials for production.) Saw some interesting narrative and experimental films where some curious editing choices were made.

Then came time for the documentaries. I saw my competition. I was confident. Perhaps too confident. Apparently there was a really big presentation next door. As the docs progressed, in a sign of immaturity crews left after their documentary was done. Like I said, must have been a great panel discussion.

At the awards ceremony, I won Best Editing Short Film. So that is up for the awards.

Meanwhile, I did get back to reviews for The Eviction. They are curious and dichotomous. The fist one is a little negative... but you have to read all reviews. The first one came from the Docs Film Fest in Utah . The second one, which seemed a little more favorable, is from the Short And Sweet Film Festival . I appreciate the reviews as it is always interesting to see your work though other peoples eyes.

So what is on the horizon Festival wise?

12/30/17—Official Selection, Wayward Film Festival, Los Angeles

12/16/17—Official Selection, Hollywood Film Competition, Los Angeles

12/07/17—Official Selection, Minefield Film Festival-Albuquerque, Albuquerque

12/06/17—Officials Selection, Mindfield Film Festival-Los Angeles, Los Angeles

Production wise I hope to use the upcoming holiday to edit alot of the stuff that I have. I have a big backlog... but I look forward to editing it down. So that is all the news that is fit to print.

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