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The week in review: 4/3-4/10

The big news since I last wrote is in the festival circuit. Two of my documentaries, Wally and Gonzales: Come and take It! won Remi awards from the 50th Annual WORLDFEST-HOUSTON International Film Festival. The awards are named after Fredrick Remington. This makes the fact that, as Wally is about an artist... it is pretty cool that he won an award named after an artist. You can check out his work at

eanwhile, I also received news this morning (April 10) that The Eviction is an official selection for The IndieFEST Film Awards. The part that is really exceptional about this news... is that I received it a month before the notification date is even supposed to be posted. Fantastic that they are that excited and receptive about my work. At his Festival, Gonzales: Come and Take It! won an award of merit. So I am excited about what the final decision may be (I think I entered it into the Social documentary section).

With productions, I was able to get some great footage of the Deep Ellum Art Festival. I will be working on putting that together into a mini doc. All I have to do is find the time. It was a great event and I hope some of my Dallas friends were able to go and see it. A lot of artisans attended it, as well as people. The spring night was filled with music, song, laughter and conversations. My mini doc should be posted sometime later this week. Happy Passover, Easter, and over all good times til I blog again.

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