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The week in review: 3/14 - 3/20

The Eviction received an Award of Excellence in the Depth of Field International Film Festival. Pretty cool. Entries came from nations around the world. While features seemed to capture many of the higher prizes, The Eviction was a leader of the pack when documentaries made their appearance. Meanwhile another festival with more than 7000 entrants is seriously looking at my film. All of this is exciting news for a great film.

What else is going on? Well I was invited to be a Judge of Student Documentaries at Texas History Day in Austin, Texas. That is going to be on April 29. I will be working on trying to get a showing of Gonzales in the works. Meanwhile I am also in pre-production of another documentary that would entail a road trip of an artist in search of a brother thought long lost. This of course means that I will have to figure out the cost of everything as well as what equipment I need to augment what I have. I will be sure to let you know how things continue to progress.

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