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The week in review: 2/21 - 2/27

So what is this a photo of? Why its me... presenting The Eviction to an academic planning group. I came home after the premiere to find an e-mail interested in having a showing. What could I say but yes. A total of 236 people participated. I was able to answer some questions about different policies of Dallas and the Charities that help out. It was a great opportunity and a fantastic way for people to see and comment on my work.

What is in the works? Well, I have two documentaries that I should complete. In other words I have all of the footage, but I need to edit them together. Well, in one I have to go out and do some pickup shots. It is the project that I did on the Service Learning project I did with Collin College and Plano West. I would need to do some stand ins to fill in some information. But some extra work.

The other documentary is the one on immigration/the American Nazi party, and Racetrac. I know sounds like an interesting combination, but it all works together. Some of it is in Denton, some is in Rockwall, but it should be an interesting doc.

Either that... or a doc that looks like a long lost episode of the Jerry Springer Show.

I am working on another idea for a doc. One that seems like it follows and would ionvolve a cross country trip. Maybe set it up like Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer. Well, now that I'm older... maybe it should be Two kids going off in search of America. Well... upon reconsideration... maybe it would be more like Sal and Dean from On the Road.

Meanwhile I have submitted to numerous Festivals and should hear back from two of them. As I am also going through the fun of midterms, time for me to get back to my schoolwork. As more follows I will be sure to keep you informed.

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