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The week in review: 2/7-2/13

So it is going to happen this week: the public showing of The Eviction. As if you couldn't tell, most of my efforts this week have been consumed with getting the word out about this. It will be shown in the Media Arts (RTFP) bld., rm. 184, at 7. I have been cutting down, reducing road noise. and making the images spark. Come on out and give it a look.

After a week of tweaking, I had a dry run of the film on Friday. The Chair of my thesis, Ben Levin, made his comments, suggested some cuts, and pointed out some of the audio challenges. Now only a film maker can have difficulties when facing the audio difficulties. Specifically, as this was shot under a bridge I had to reduce the ambient noise. In this case it was the dull and continual hum of traffic passing overhead. No big deal right? Just add an audio filter. Well this is where the crisis was. As this film is shot in a cinema verite style, if one removes the noise of the traffic they reduce the "truth" of what the people living under the bridge were facing. Well, that had to be balanced against the needs of the audience to clearly hear the conversations. So... went ahead and reduced the crowd noise. If audiences don't see your film... the message doesn't get out. Needless to say, I had almost no ethical quandary when it came to color correcting my pictures. Everyone likes a purty picture.

So what about getting out the word? Well I sent out e-mails on Wednesday. No responses. Then suddenly both Dallas Community College District and The University of North Texas replied on Friday. Fun for me, this happened when I was in the theater for the dry run with my chair. Even Collin County Community College District is interested in me working together with faculty for a project for Collin County. Why? Well you see, by them bragging about the accomplishments of one of their employees, it builds them up as they have me on staff, and adds to their credence as a supported community as they are benefiting their community.

Another partner I wam working with to get out the word is CitySquare. That is the organization whose goal is to fight poverty. They pushed forward and completed a radical concept to end homelessness. Their staff is working with me to support some viewings as well.

Meanwhile, I needed a movie poster. I was rushed. Due to conflicts on adobe photoshop, I had difficulty getting my visions down. So what did I do? I called my brother Adam. As he is very talented with design, I hoped that he would help me out. When I called it seemed unlikely. His wife's family was in town. They had a full house. Regardless, he agreed. Ahhh the fun of family. Needless to day he made some awesome images, and made me two posters. One of them I call the movie poster, and the first one you saw... well that one is the showing poster. As it gets closer to the night of the premiere, more opportunities are availing themselves.

Just so you know I am planning to make t-shirts to help support the cause. I will be putting up information about that as it becomes closer to becoming a reality. So in closing, come on out to the premiere if you can. Buy the t-shirt, and continue to support the arts and the artists that make them.

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