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The week in review 6/15

Okay so what is the big news since the last update?


Some big news from the festival circuit. "Wally" was an official selection at the Best Shorts competition. A festival that is in the Academy Award running. While I have no delusions of grandeur, it is really cool. As It may invited back to the San Antonio 'Q' festival, I want to include two new scenes. One scene would be the exchange of interviews between Wally's pastor and Wally. Another scene is the interchange of interviews between Wally and his ex-wife.

Gonzales meanwhile, was chosen to participate in the Hollywood International Independent Documentary Awards. Still awaiting to hear back from many festivals.

One Step Closer:

The t-shirts I have mentioned in the past are one step closer to reality. Later this week I will be picking up the screens. Dallas Artist Kevin Obregon designed the shirts. They are going to be great looking! After quality testing we hope to go into production! They will be available on the shop at

Work in progress:

"The Eviction:" The footage is great! Although I still need to gather some more material, I am organizing what I am sure will be an excellent film. Some of the pieces I will be getting is footage from some of the Dallas City Council meetings, some shots of Homeless shelters in Dallas, as well as some more 'artistic' shots. I will be doing some work on some other documentaries as well. As "Wally" might be invited back to be shown at the San Antonio "Q" Fest, I will have to do some editing. This Saturday I might do a journalistic piece on the Juneteenth celebration up in Denton. All is looking up.

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