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The week of Jan. 17-23

So this week was an interesting one. One doc plan crashed, while another one blossomed. That is as of this moment. When one is dealing with documentary, things can change on a dime.

Artopia was an awesome event. Art, fashion, music, crowds; all were ideal for coverage. The only problem was... the dim light and reverbating sounds made the extravaganza difficut to capture. Ahh well, you improvise hoping you were able to get something. I did edit it into a piece that is very documentary, but I will work on adding a voice over and seeing if I can get it onto North Texas Student Television.

In Art, numerous artists were particpating in a "Live painting" exhibit, where they were completing a painting wihtin the three hour period of the festival. That is where I found Kevin Obregon, of Studiobregon deep in converstions with his muse as he created a poirtrait of David Bowie.

Amidst the stages and fanfare, I found Eddie Confetti and his Magic act. Capturing a live show is an interesting experience as it is a combination of burlesque and magic. But the show was a top notch crowd pleaser.

Check out the documentary version of the piece.

Plans for this week are to engross myself in my Service Learning project/Thesis/Special project. This has to do with my college students (who are dual credit High School Students) engaged in a service learning project. Many hurdles have been overcome so I continue to expect great things!

I entered Gonzales: Come and Take It! into two festivals this week. One is a Latin Film fest (as Gonzales strives to bring out the Tejano voice) and the other was an Austin Festival. As this is a doc dealing with Texas, I hope that it is a success!


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