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So what is up with 2016?

There is going to be some interesting things coming down the pike for 2016. To begin with, after a whirlwind production schedule I was able to finish my last Doc: Gonzales: Come and Take It! Successfully. The cast and crew I got was excellent. The reinactors all were adorned in Time period authentic outfits. Despite difficulties, all rose to the challenge and performed magnificently! \

Andy docs is now a.k.a Andy Productions L.L.C.. If that isn't exciting... I just don't know what is. I am currently working on trying to get two docs in the upcoming semester. One would be a project with Collin County Community College District, Plano I.S.D., and UNT. It would follow students who participated in the reconstruction of Rowlett. The second doc would deal with how the Downtown branch of the library serves All of Dallas. This one is running into a little bit of static right now... but its all just part of the birthing process.


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