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He just wanted to play

All the boy wanted to do was play. His face bearing a wide grin, he ran toward the playground as his father's eyes carefully watched. He just wanted to play.

So yeah... it was a little surreal. Going to Rockwall as fast as my limping little VW bug could take me to attend an anti-immigrant rally. It was one that was being held by the American National Socialist party. If Natioinal Socialist party seems like it sparks off a memory there is a good reason... the German National Socialist party was also called the Nazi party. Needless to say I was sure that at least the day would be interesting.

Being a documentarian, I tried to make sure I could get both sides of the story. So... in preparation for the event I actually found the name of the leader and tried to contact him. Even though I knew this might open me up to an e-mail list for thier orginizaiton... you have to be professional. I shouldn't have worried though... he never contacted me back.

When I got out there there the tug-of-war was on. The speaker was trying to make points over the protestors. The protestors were trying to drown out the speaker. A lovely bedlam known only as America. As the cops formed off an enforced seperation, I had little hope of an interview with a representative of the National Socialists, or three representatives of the Ku Klux Klan who had joined thier allies on the Courthouse steps. The ranting raged. With 'film in the can', or enough video coverage I let the camera run as I walked toward the rear of the parade. Disappointed that I would not be able to get some words from one sympathetic to the Natiaional Socialst party, I passed a few words with a nearby bystander. By her second sentence... which I believe began... "Can you believe what those protestors are saying... ", I knew I had found the interview. She talked free and unfettered about the threat she saw to society.

Following that, the speech was wrapping up. Though a conclusion was near, loud cries from both sides contined to be heard. I wanted to find... oh how could one say... a less than livid voice. Beleive it or not... this also seemed difficult. Passions were very high. It wasn't until a cordon of officers in riot gear had protected the exit of the presenters that the crowd began to die down. To the side, one woman was speaking to some reporters from Univision. Off from her was her partner. He was busy keeping his eye on their exuberant boy who just wanted to play. One thing you have to love about kids... the event was over... and he just wanted to play. Just wanted to play,.

Anyway, I asked him. Though at first he seemed concerned, he relented. In the interview he was honest of his experiences, but like a hawk, his eyes would switch from the Camera back towards his boy. Just to make sure he was safe.

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